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murdercrows's Journal

A Murder of Crows
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A Murder of Crows sound is hard hitting with a fluid combination of power and finesse. A varied collection of influences have created a unique style that is difficult to place. Take the hypnotic elements of Tool blended with the epic sounds of Isis and Neurosis and toss them into a blender with such acts as Deftones and English act Earthtone9. What comes out is a melodic and at times a brutal overall sound capped off by the unique and skewed vocals. This blend has taken A Murder of Crows to a different place than most current metal acts with the emphasis on creative song structures and passionate execution, something the band agrees is lacking from the bulk of music today.

A Murder of Crows hopes to be able to continue playing music at a higher level, but it's main emphasis is creating songs they can be proud of rather then concentrate on what the public and what the industry is looking for. A Murder of Crows prefers to concentrate on making the best music they possibly can create.

A Murder of Crows has had the opportunity to play with such acts as Clutch, Candiria, 40 Below Summer, Dope, Disengage, Norma Jean, Atreyu, Mushroomhead, Dying Fetus, Systematic, From Zero, Avenged Sevenfold and more in such atmospheres as The Machine Shop (Flint, MI), The Local 432 (Flint, MI), The Locker Room (Grand Blanc, MI), Camp rage (Harrison Twp., MI), Streeters (Traverse City, MI), The Red Shed (Kingston, MI), Scottoberfest (Lapeer, MI), and elsewhere.</font>