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Jay of A Murder of Crows...much shorter than people think.


This optical illusion is called forced perspective, which was one of the techniques they used in Lord of the Rings to make the hobbit characters look very small. I had learned about it years ago in an art class, but the behind the scenes documentary on one of the DVDs really made the concept make sense to me, so I thought I'd give it a try.

Jay's actually kneeling about ten feet back from the drum kit, but the angle covers that up. The compression effect of a two-dimenional medium, along with color correction in Photoshop gives the illusion of a tiny-sized Jay bashing away at the drum kit. The super-sized drumsticks helped the illusion as well.

If I were to retake this photo, I would have had Jay kneeling back further...the sticks are too big for the scale of the drumkit. Still, considering how quickly I put it together, I think it came out kind of nifty.

By the way...I heard the demo today. It sounds great!
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